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By Dow Dental
July 10, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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If you are experiencing constant tooth and gum pain, or if you feel sharp pain when you bite down on food, you are showing signs that you may need root canal therapy. Dr. Douglas Dow and Dr. Coleman Dow of Dow Dental can be your local root canal experts in Springfield, OR.

Root canal symptoms

Common indicators that you might need root canal therapy include:

  • Sharp pain when biting down
  • Lingering pain after eating hot or cold foods
  • Constant pain in the tooth or gums
  • Severe shooting pains in the gums or jaw area

If you have some or all of these symptoms, don't wait to get a consult from your Springfield dentist. These signs suggest that root canal therapy may be right for you.

Benefits of a root canal

There are many myths surrounding root canals, making them seem like a very painful dental procedure. The truth is that root canal therapy can save your natural tooth, and prevent the need for dental implants.

The top benefit of root canal therapy is that is preserves your real tooth. Nothing can replace the feeling of your natural teeth, so you should take any chance you have to save them.

Patients sometimes believe that pulling a tooth will be better than root canal therapy. If you extract a tooth and don't replace it, the remaining teeth can shift, causing further dental problems. Fixing the problem with root canal therapy can save you from more dental complications down the road.

Decades ago, a root canal might have caused extreme pain. With today's technology, root canal therapy is practically painless - you can literally get a root canal over your lunch break!

Interested? Give us a call!

If you are showing signs that you may require root canal therapy, call Dow Dental today at (541) 726-9644 to schedule a root canal consultation in Springfield, OR.

By Dow Dental
May 07, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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Preserving and protecting your natural teeth is always the first priority, but there are times when a decayed or damaged tooth is beyond tooth repair and a dental extraction becomes necessary to prevent further damage and protect your oral health. Dr. Coleman Dow and Dr. Douglas Dow, the dentists at Dow Dental offer preventive and restorative dental care in Springfield, OR.

Dental Extractions in Springfield, OR

The best way to maintain healthy teeth and gums well into old age is to practice prevention, which includes good oral hygiene habits, eating a healthy diet, avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, and going to the dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning. But even with the best care, decay can still occur.

When a Tooth Needs to Be Extracted

Extractions are usually a last resort, reserved for situations where a tooth is too damaged or decayed to be restored with a filling or dental crown. There are two types of extractions: a simple extraction, where the tooth is removed with forceps without an incision, and a surgical extraction which requires and incision and stitches. Wisdom teeth, which tend to be impacted (trapped under the gumline without enough room to erupt properly) or crowded are commonly extracted. When a tooth is impacted, it typically requires a surgical extraction.

Other reasons why a tooth may need to be extracted include:

  • To alleviate crowding before orthodontic treatment
  • Impacted or damaged wisdom teeth
  • Irreparable damage caused by tooth decay, trauma, or gum disease

Find a Dentist in Springfield, OR

To learn more about dental extractions and for more information about how to protect your teeth from decay and gum disease, contact our office today by calling (541) 726-9644 to schedule an appointment with Drs. Carmen and Douglas Dow.

All dentists strive to prevent oral health problems, as do their patients. However, sometimes restorations or even full tooth replacements Dental Crowns And Bridgesbecome necessary due to decay, infection, or injury. At Dow Dental in Springfield, OR, Drs. Douglas and Coleman Dow create dental bridges and porcelain crowns that bring smiles back to the beauty and functionality which they once had. What's your restorative need?

What is a porcelain crown?

A porcelain crown caps a damaged tooth above the gum line. Tooth-shaped and permanently bonded in place, a crown protects a weakened tooth structure, preserving the life of the tooth and improving how it looks.

Dr. Dow can tell you if a crown is right for your tooth by examining it and taking digital X-rays. Before the crowning procedure, some teeth require root canal therapy to remove inflamed pulp from deep within the tooth. In any case, crowning involves the removal of old fillings and decay and shaping the tooth so that it properly accepts the customized restoration.

Most crown treatments take two appointments at Dow Dental—one to evaluate/ prep the tooth and to take oral impressions, and another appointment to bond the new crown in place. Comfortable and lifelike, crowns last anywhere from 5-to-15 years, according to Doc Shop. However, longevity depends on avoiding teeth clenching and keeping good oral hygiene habits.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge from Dow Dental in Springfield replaces one or more missing teeth. Crowns placed over adjoining natural teeth support the pontics (i.e. the customized artificial teeth). The Drs. Dow take great care in crafting the treatment plan so that the bridge:

  • Fits properly
  • Looks natural in size and color
  • Bites with the opposing arch perfectly

Sometimes, bridges may be supported by titanium dental implants being surgically placed directly into the jaw bone. Once in place, they are truly permanent and will last for years with routine brushing, flossing, and hygienic cleanings at Dow Dental. As with dental crowns, you should keep your appliance free of plaque and tartar for good oral health and increased bridgework longevity.

The help your smile needs
To complete your smile, look into dental crowns and bridges from Dow Dental in Springfield, OR. Call (541) 726-9644 today for an appointment with one of our highly skilled dentists!

By Dow Dental
December 19, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Dental crowns offer multiple benefits for your smile. The porcelain restorations not only repair and strengthen teeth but also improve their Dental Crownsappearance. Dentists Drs. Carmen and Douglas Dow offer dental crowns at their Springfield, OR, office.

What are crowns?

If you take a close look at a crown, you'll notice that it looks just like the part of your tooth that appears above the gum line - with one important difference. Crowns are hollow and designed to cover teeth completely. Before you receive a crown, your Springfield dentist will prepare your tooth to receive the crown. This step is particularly important, as it ensures a comfortable fit and natural appearance.

After your tooth is prepared, your dentist will make an impression of your mouth and send it to the dental laboratory that will create your crown out of porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal. It generally takes about two weeks to receive your new crown. In the meantime, you'll wear a temporary crown crafted by your dentist. Despite their short-lived status, temporary crowns are surprisingly durable. You'll be able to chew with them, although you'll need to avoid hard, tough or sticky foods, as these foods can break or dislodge your temporary crown.

At your second crown appointment, your dentist will place the permanent crown over your tooth to ensure that it fits correctly. After it's cemented to your tooth, you may need a few minor adjustments that will take 10 minutes or less.

Why do I need a crown?

Adding a crown to a fragile tooth can keep it from fracturing or breaking apart in the future. Your tooth may be fragile if it's cracked or brittle, or if you've recently undergone a root canal or had a large filling placed in your tooth. Crowns also restore teeth that have broken or fractured and are used as an alternative to a filling if decay is widespread in a tooth.

Although restoration and protection are important functions of crowns, they can also be used to change the shape or height of a tooth or cover discolorations or imperfections.

Could your smile benefit from dental crowns? Call your Springfield, OR, dentists Drs. Carmen and Douglas Dow at (541) 726-9644 to schedule your appointment.

By Dow Dental
October 05, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Bonding fills dental gaps, and/or changes the color of teeth. If you think you need this cosmetic procedure from your Springfield, OR, dentist, you should contact Drs. Coleman and Douglas Dow.

Dental Bonding in Springfield

Bonding is when enamel-like material is applied on the tooth's surface, sculpted into the proper shape, hardened, and then polished. The resin comes in many colors and provides life-like results. Getting a dental bonding doesn't need any laboratory work, so your dentist can finish the procedure in one visit, generally within 30 minutes to an hour.

Here is what the process entails:

  • A dentist will clean the surface of the tooth to ensure that it's plaque-free
  • The tooth will be etched with an acidic gel to open pores on its surface
  • The dentist will rinse the etching material with composite resin matching the color of your teeth
  • A special curing light hardens the bonding material
  • Another layer is painted onto the tooth
  • The tooth is shaped using a drill

Dental bonding is an easy and inexpensive restorative procedure that can fix a variety of issues and give you back that beautiful smile. Here are a few things dental bondings can adjust:

  • Chips
  • Irregularities
  • Decays
  • Fractures
  • Discoloration
  • Minor spacing

Dental bondings require the same care as all your teeth, but with the proper maintenance, bonded teeth may last 3 to 10 years.

  • Brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once before bed
  • Eat fewer sugars and incorporate healthy foods, like apples and carrots, that scrape teeth clean
  • Drink plenty of water to wash away food debris
  • Make sure you visit your dentist twice a year for a routine checkup and professional cleaning


For more information on tooth-colored fillings and how they can improve the appearance of your smile, call our Springfield, OR, dentists, Drs. Coleman and Douglas Dow, at (541) 726-9644 to schedule an appointment today!