Discover more about these dental restorations and their purpose.

Before you get a dental restoration from your Springfield, OR dentists Drs. Coleman and Douglas Dow it’s important that you know as dental bridgesmuch about it is and what it can do for your smile. Find out more about dental crowns and bridges and when they are necessary.

Dental Crowns

This tooth-shaped hollow cap is placed over your tooth and cemented into place to help restore a tooth back to its pre-weakened state. Since a crown is designed to cover the tooth it can restore full functionality and strength. There are many reasons your general dentist in Springfield, OR may recommend dental crowns:

  • To repair a broken or fractured tooth
  • To cover a tooth that has become severely weakened by decay or infection
  • To prevent a tooth from breaking
  • To cover a seriously misshapen or discolored tooth
  • To help support a dental bridge
  • To cover a dental implant to replace a missing tooth

Dental Bridges

This restoration is one way to replace one or more missing permanent teeth. A dental bridge consists of two crowns that are placed over the natural teeth that surround the gap where your missing tooth used to be. These crowns will be used to support the false tooth in the middle.

Alternatively, some patients who are looking to replace missing teeth who are healthy and good candidates for implants can also consider getting implant-supported bridges from their Springfield, OR restorative dentist. Dental implants are placed into the jawbone where they meld together with the bone and act as tooth roots. Because these implants are anchored to your jawbone you won’t need to rely on natural teeth to support the restoration.

If you are dealing with a damaged or missing tooth it’s important that you turn to a dental professional you know and trust. Turn to Dow Dental for compassionate care with the latest technologies and techniques to get a healthier smile.