By Dow Dental
June 17, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Root Canals  

When a tooth becomes seriously damaged or infected, the only two routes to choose from: complete extraction or a root canal.

During one of these sessions of root canal therapy, your Springfield dentist Dr. Douglas N. Dow, DMD removes the damaged area of the Root Canaltooth, sometimes referred to as the pulp. The area is then disinfected, and filled with a strong resin, and in some cases fitted with a permanent crown.

As with any other dental procedure, a common worry of the patient is how it will affect their smile.

Fortunately, there is a reason Springfield residents trust Dow Dental.

When performed correctly, root canal operations should have no affect on the aesthetics of your smile because the work is actually done inside of the tooth, rather than on the surface.

Technically, the crowns are not even necessary in some cases, however, they do offer some extra support. They can also cover whatever slight discoloration might occur.

Because many root canals are performed to eliminate the pain caused by tooth infections, a successful root canal should actually improve one’s smile.

Anyone who has dealt with a toothache in the past knows just how debilitating they can actually be. Not just chewing, but even the air that enters the mouth when speaking can cause pain to a damaged tooth.

With a successful root canal procedure, that pain should be completely eradicated. Without the risk of tooth pain looming overhead, you can be sure patients are in a better mood.

A better mood leads to more smiling, and smiling leads to an overall more positive attitude.

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