By Dow Dental
September 11, 2014
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Got a last minute date? Or are you dealing with a last minute photo-op? When it comes to our smiles, we are self-conscious of anything we see as imperfect. One common cosmetic concern related to teeth is stains. Every day factors, such as drinking tea/coffee and eating dark-colored foods, can cause surface stains to appear. If you need a whitening fix pronto, try Sinsational Smile®! Our Springfield dental practice will now be offering this cosmetic dental service. Teeth Whitening Before & After

What is Sinsational Smile®?

You have probably heard of Crest White Strips and whitening toothpastes—they are well known as at-home whitening systems. However, they won’t give you fast results. At Dow Dental, our Sinsational Smile® whitening system is a fast and effective method to whitening teeth. What sets it apart from other in-office whitening treatments?
Well, it’s the first green-certified whitening system approved by ECO Dentistry Association, which is a dental association that supports green dental patients, practitioners and dental industries who help reduce our environmental impact and support a wellness lifestyle.

Facts About Sinsational Smile®

This whitening system is the perfection solution for patients who are looking for a quick smile fix. Check out these sensational facts:
  • Sinsational Smile® uses pre-filled silicone trays to evenly administer whitening solution
  • It only takes 20 minutes
  • LED light accelerates the activation of solution
  • We can include a take-home whitening pen for maintenance

Contact Us for an Appointment

If you call (541) 726-9644, we can let you know of all available openings at our practice. We hope Sinsational Smile® can give you the bright smile you are looking for. Please look forward to all modern dental treatments we introduce to the Springfield residents!