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May 07, 2019
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Preserving and protecting your natural teeth is always the first priority, but there are times when a decayed or damaged tooth is beyond tooth repair and a dental extraction becomes necessary to prevent further damage and protect your oral health. Dr. Coleman Dow and Dr. Douglas Dow, the dentists at Dow Dental offer preventive and restorative dental care in Springfield, OR.

Dental Extractions in Springfield, OR

The best way to maintain healthy teeth and gums well into old age is to practice prevention, which includes good oral hygiene habits, eating a healthy diet, avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, and going to the dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning. But even with the best care, decay can still occur.

When a Tooth Needs to Be Extracted

Extractions are usually a last resort, reserved for situations where a tooth is too damaged or decayed to be restored with a filling or dental crown. There are two types of extractions: a simple extraction, where the tooth is removed with forceps without an incision, and a surgical extraction which requires and incision and stitches. Wisdom teeth, which tend to be impacted (trapped under the gumline without enough room to erupt properly) or crowded are commonly extracted. When a tooth is impacted, it typically requires a surgical extraction.

Other reasons why a tooth may need to be extracted include:

  • To alleviate crowding before orthodontic treatment
  • Impacted or damaged wisdom teeth
  • Irreparable damage caused by tooth decay, trauma, or gum disease

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