By Dow Dental
December 14, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Can My Tooth Be Saved?

How to Know When You Need to Have Your Tooth Extracted

At Dr. Douglas Dow's office in Springfield, Oregon, they do their very best to save their patient's teeth, however, sometimes, no matter extractionswhat they do; a tooth needs to be removed. Some of the main reasons for tooth removal are:

  • Pain which doesn’t go away
  • Decay (a cavity) which is too large to restore with any available treatment such as fillings, crowns, or veneers
  • To create better chewing ability
  • To create a more pleasing smile

Often dental pain can be relieved by the placement of a simple filling using amalgam (a mixture of silver and other compounds) or composite (a tooth-colored resin material which is cured using ultraviolet light). If a tooth has an existing filling which has broken down due to age, a crown can be placed, covering the entire exposed tooth.

The part of your tooth that is exposed is covered with enamel, the hardest substance in the body. It’s even harder than bone! Underneath this is a layer called dentin, which is much softer. Decay starts out eating away at the layer of enamel. Sometimes decay can be arrested using high strength fluoride, and doesn’t get any deeper than enamel. Once decay makes its way into the dentin, a filling is needed. Beneath the dentin is the pulp chamber, the center of the tooth, where the blood supply and nerves are located. If decay makes it through to the pulp, usually an endodontic procedure (root canal) is performed.

The decay process explains why it is so important to visit Dr. Dow's office regularly for check-ups, so they can take care of your needs before dental problems can get too advanced. If none of the above procedures are indicated because symptoms are too advanced, a tooth may need to be removed.

The goal of tooth removal is to create a more healthy mouth, free of disease; but there are other goals too. Sometimes the removal of teeth can make it possible to replace them with bridges, removable partials or even dentures, to improve not only the health but the chewing ability of your mouth. This helps in your digestion and improves your overall health.

Health is so important, but so is how you look. How you look can determine how you feel about yourself, and a beautiful smile adds to your confidence and how others see you. A beautiful smile creates a lasting first impression.

Come into the Springfield, Oregon office soon, and look forward to the beautiful smile you deserve.