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When a tooth is failing, or if you already have experienced tooth loss, you need quality restoration. At Dow Dental, our Springfield, OR restorative dentistrydentists, Dr. Douglas Dow and Dr. Coleman Dow, partner with patients to provide natural-looking and durable tooth replacements and restorations. Leaving a smile gapped, unattractive and weak is simply unacceptable. Read how you can get your smile back with beautiful dental crowns and fixed bridgework.

The dental crown

Some people call it a cap. Whatever the name, a dental crown covers and protects a tooth that has deep cavities, fractured enamel, infection, root canal treatment or numerous fillings. Crowns also restore dental implants (innovative and highly successful tooth replacements) and anchor false teeth as part of fixed bridgework.

Many dental crowns are fashioned from professional grade porcelain, a material that is strong and lifelike. Your Springfield dentist also uses porcelain fused to metal (PFM) for additional strength or all-gold, a material that lasts for years and years.

The restorative procedure

After your oral examination and X-rays at Dow Dental, our dentists will recommend the restoration or tooth replacement which best suits your situation. Both crowns and bridgework require oral impressions so the dental lab can make a model of your mouth and then custom-craft your prosthetic.

Also, both crowns and bridgework require some enamel shaping and reduction so they fit properly. This procedure requires a bit of local anesthetic. When the dentist finishes the shaping process, he'll place a temporary crown or bridge as needed.

When your prosthetic returns from the lab, you'll visit Dow Dental for a quick installation. Our dentists will remove the temporary and bond on the permanent bridge or crown. Bridges, usually composed of one, two or more adjoining artificial teeth (pontics), are bonded to natural teeth (abutments) on either side of the smile gap via crowns. Some bridgework, however, is secured by dental implants placed directly in the jaw bone. Your doctor will help you decide what treatment is best for you.

Caring for crowns and bridges

The same hygiene rules for natural teeth applied to restorations and tooth replacements: floss daily and brush twice a day with a soft brush. Avoid extra-hard foods such as peanut brittle and taffy, and wear a bite guard if you clench or grind your teeth. Finally, see our dentists semi-annually for an oral exam and hygienic cleaning.

Preserve your smile

Dental crowns and bridgework can enhance the appearance, function and lifespan of your smile. See the professionals at Dow Dental in Springfield, OR for an expert evaluation of your specific needs. Contact the office for an appointment: (541) 726-9644.

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December 08, 2016
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What your dentist in Springfield wants you to know

If you are missing one or more teeth, you already know how embarrassing it can be when you smile. You’re afraid people notice the dental bridgesopen spaces in your smile, and you could be right! When you are missing teeth, it’s also difficult to chew your food fully and enjoy eating the foods you love. You’re afraid that you are making it difficult to digest your food and you could be right about that too! Thankfully, your dentists at Dow Dental in Springfield, OR, want to share with you how dental bridges can help your smile and your life!

The state-of-the-art materials and techniques that go into today’s dental bridges can create a work of art, designed to restore your smile. Dental bridges fill in the gaps caused by missing teeth. Bridges restore your full chewing strength so you can eat the foods you love. Bridges also look completely natural, restoring the beauty of your smile.

Dental bridges are fixed in place, unlike removable partials. Your dentists at Dow Dental want you to know about the many advantages dental bridges provide, when you compare them to removable partials. Dental bridges are:

  • Stable--they won’t move around when you eat or speak
  • Natural-looking--they blend with your existing teeth
  • Strong--because they are firmly held in place by adjacent teeth

Dental bridges can be made to replace one or several missing teeth. The prosthetic teeth in the bridge, called pontics, are the replacement teeth. They are held in place by the adjacent teeth, which are crowned to provide support for the bridge. The entire bridge, from crowns to pontics, is cemented in place and becomes a permanent part of your smile.

Typically, dental bridges take at least two appointments to complete the procedure. You will be amazed at the result! Dental bridges help your smile to be stronger and more beautiful than you ever thought possible. You owe it to yourself to discover what dental bridges can do for you. It’s time to call the experts, your dentists at Dow Dental in Springfield, OR. Call today to find out more!

Discover more about these dental restorations and their purpose.

Before you get a dental restoration from your Springfield, OR dentists Drs. Coleman and Douglas Dow it’s important that you know as dental bridgesmuch about it is and what it can do for your smile. Find out more about dental crowns and bridges and when they are necessary.

Dental Crowns

This tooth-shaped hollow cap is placed over your tooth and cemented into place to help restore a tooth back to its pre-weakened state. Since a crown is designed to cover the tooth it can restore full functionality and strength. There are many reasons your general dentist in Springfield, OR may recommend dental crowns:

  • To repair a broken or fractured tooth
  • To cover a tooth that has become severely weakened by decay or infection
  • To prevent a tooth from breaking
  • To cover a seriously misshapen or discolored tooth
  • To help support a dental bridge
  • To cover a dental implant to replace a missing tooth

Dental Bridges

This restoration is one way to replace one or more missing permanent teeth. A dental bridge consists of two crowns that are placed over the natural teeth that surround the gap where your missing tooth used to be. These crowns will be used to support the false tooth in the middle.

Alternatively, some patients who are looking to replace missing teeth who are healthy and good candidates for implants can also consider getting implant-supported bridges from their Springfield, OR restorative dentist. Dental implants are placed into the jawbone where they meld together with the bone and act as tooth roots. Because these implants are anchored to your jawbone you won’t need to rely on natural teeth to support the restoration.

If you are dealing with a damaged or missing tooth it’s important that you turn to a dental professional you know and trust. Turn to Dow Dental for compassionate care with the latest technologies and techniques to get a healthier smile.